How To Seduce A Woman: Best Tips That Actually Work

Be confident

Love yourself before you love anybody else. Or how are you even supposed to know what love is? Feel confident in whatever you do. Such people are attractive to others. There are several things that will show your self-consciousness so we advise to control the following:

  • Location in the company. Confident people are not afraid to be the center of attention. Clearly, it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but at least don’t sit in the distant corner trying to be unnoticed. That is not your aim if you are to seduce a woman;
  • Body language. Gestures can betray you anytime because some of them are subconscious. Be in control of your own body. Sitting with legs and arms crossed means being closed from the rest of society. Rubbing your face or constantly playing with objects shows nervousness.

Look nice

Smart looks are key to further relationship establishment. They are always appreciated as no girl would pay attention to another troll in dirty jeans. We want to share simple tips which help men to look their best:

  • Invest into a good haircut. Clothes can be changed anytime and a haircut is what stays with you for quite a long time. And if it doesn’t flatter your face, well, chances are you might be considered unpleasant or simply sloppy. Don’t forget to cut the hair when it grows too long, wash them regularly and don’t be ashamed to style it a bit;
  • Choose clothes which fit. If you expect your girlfriend to wear the clothes which enhance her body, why not do it yourself? By that we mean not picking up items which are too oversized. Wardrobe should be full of pieces which are exactly the size their owner needs, as perfectly tailored clothes always create a smarter look;
  • Smell is another part of the look. It makes it complete. And if a person smells nicely, it makes him more attractive. But don’t overdo it either. Start with subtle fresh smells and use just a tiny little bit. You don’t want to give your date a headache.

Be a good talker…

What often ruins attempts to get acquainted with a girl, is lack of communication skills. Even if you meet a woman for the first time, you both need to talk to find out if it is a good idea to proceed. But what men often do is ask a simple question, hear a negative answer and stop trying at all.

Find a topic to discuss. Look for details that you too might have in common and don’t lose the chance to make the conversation as long as possible. Awkward pauses are not a thing to worry about at first but you should continue until the dialogue flows naturally. The best idea is to ask her opinion or advice in the sphere she is interested in. It will show how interested you are.

Make jokes as well. Of course they should be situation appropriate, but humour is always a thing which creates a bond between people.

…but don’t forget to listen

No doubt, the art of maintaining a conversation is a vital tool when meeting a person for the first time. But occupying the whole dialogue and rather turning it into a monologue is simply unpleasant. While people who are interesting to talk to are attractive, those who don’t let you say a word seem egotistical and that is a real “No” in dating.

The simplest tip is to listen attentively and ask for detail. That is how you don’t let the interest between you to fade. Occasionally include your own side of the topic discussed especially if you feel that what she says is relatable. And don’t avoid eye contact: looking to the side while a woman is telling you her life stories is rude and shows your boredom.

Process over result

If you decided to attract her, probably, she is simply a nice person to be together with, so why pay attention to anything else than spending time with a nice personality?

Dating is not about making goals and achieving it even though many men think of it as of a competition. Take your time to learn how to seduce a girl and enjoy it the way you would enjoy communication with a friend. If you decided to attract her, probably, she is simply a nice person to be together with, so why pay attention to anything else than spending time with a nice personality?

Don’t treat every meeting as a chance to achieve another objective. First dates are not necessarily for getting her phone number or kissing by her front door. Neither dates later on are for sex or marriage proposals. Remember, that relationship is not based off commonly accepted milestones and rather is a personal way to a life full of enjoyment.

Online attraction

Even though the previous tips can be used in any situation when you meet a girl and want to know how to seduce her, we understand that online dating might have peculiarities in communication which are worth paying attention to. So let’s break down what you do in case you met love of your life online.

Be patient

Lower your expectations of becoming lovers the next day you met. Online dating websites give you more freedom in communication but using them also means both of you are probably pretty busy. So if your new acquaintance is not answering your messages immediately, don’t think it’s over and don’t send her even more texts. She will get to you when she has time.

Love letters are long gone

Sweet, nice, romantic, but still short.

It was acceptable to write several pages of romantic text decades ago. Now we are all used to concentrated information in the form of short texts. Sweet, nice, romantic, but still short. Nobody wants to spend time reading a whole novel about meeting a great love on social media.

Do the research

Now it is possible to learn more about a person you like by just looking through their profile online.

The Internet created a perfect opportunity for those seeking love but not knowing where to start. Now it is possible to learn more about a person you like by just looking through their profile online. Especially if you haven’t met before, the details a person shared about themselves will help to strike a conversation and find out if there is anything that can unite you two.

Don’t forget to go offline

Online relationship can go on for quite a while and eventually you forget about your initial desire to find real love. So once you feel like you found mutual connection, feel free to ask the girl you like out.